sami. twenty one. michigan. mostly hella gay. hate free, tags spoilers (tbh tags everything).
one time i told michael rooker that he makes me question my sexuality and he said thanks.
melissa mcbride follows me on twitter and i cried.
my requests for fic are always open.
seriously, tareth and marol are my otps. sometimes i ship caryl sometimes i don't.
i do not follow back if you ask. i'm really picky about blogs i follow.
i make all colorings from scratch. & i use ps6 for giffing and editing.
no ones ever asked me any of those questions i just wanted a little faq to make you think someone has.
at one time i had a blog called rookerrs but i deleted it while emotional (i reccomend not doing that).
old urls: garciamorgans
other blogs:
damnmysterytome (writing blog)
reading: nothing but i did just buy three of the four maze runner books, the second of that is on my list and also divergent gonna read those soon.
photoshop: i was doing a castle s6 rewatch meme but i got so far behind and the new season has started so lol.
watching: check here

I love when it rains bc it rains on my lockscreen of me and my best friend. 👫👫

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Im watching a lady bug walk across my best friends ceiling and I gave it a life story.

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  • Title: It’s Okay
  • Fandom: The Walking Dead
  • Characters Involved: Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon
  • Pairing: Carol/Daryl
  • Rating: T
  • Summary: Carol and Daryl have a conversation while following the car Daryl believes took Beth.
  • Notes: Idk I haven’t written Caryl in a while and I really wanted to.

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From last season

um???? how does one correctly respond to a proposal of tumblr marriage im inconvenienly unaware of the protocol

Idk the last time we just decided that we were going to get married i think the proper response to my lame proposal is yes tho. I mean unless you don’t want to marry me!!! I should stop talking

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came for the gay, stayed for the gay

marry me

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tara and beth think that the haunted house they’re going to during a cross country trip is nothing more than a haunted house. but they soon realize that it’s so much more than that when they started getting chased around by a masked man with a chainsaw. and they’ll stop at nothing to get out alive.

Describe my blog in terms of “came for the _____, stayed for the _____”

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if u ever see me in irl ur gonna be so disappointed

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